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I suggest that a cricket keeper is nowhere near big enough for locusts. You need a decent size Exo Terra which has excellent ventilation. Also squash is no good as food, you need leafy greens such as cabbage (no lettuce) and a bran food.
I have bought a large Tupperware box (large enough to line it with newspaper without having to trim the paper) ( sun , mirror , star that size paper) and drilled about 35 air holes with a 4mm drill bit into the lid ... I buy 2 packs of size 5 (extra large) locust per week from the local garden centre that has a pet store inside and within the pet store it's own dedicated reptile department where you can pre order your weekly supply to insure you get your requirements done properly the pet store should have at least 2 fresh stock deliveries per week, my delivery arrives at store Friday afternoon I collect Saturday morning ... Once collected I transfer the locust from the small transport boxes shaking off the sawdust from the cardboard shelters and placing them into the home made Tupperware box (cleaned and freshly relined from previous weeks use) ,, and inside I put 1 bottle cap full of the aqua gel to last all week and 1 piece of cabbage leaf or little gem lettuce leaf daily (first couple of days maybe 2 leaves ) as there is more locust to feed at the start of the week ... Doing this I have 0 regular deaths ,,, with the very occasional random death possibly 1 per month and usually inside the cardboard shelter,, I keep my locust box on the floor under my viv with no extra heat and only daylight through the window opposite ,,,, seems to be working for me very well ..... All this for £3 Tupperware box and £2.50. For 2 packs of locust which is enough for 3 or 4 locust per plus his daily veg ....
....and as a tip to save mess I have kept 1 of the small transport containers taped up the air holes and put a little calcium powder inside and a feeding time just pop the locust inside the pot give a quick gentle shake your locust are calcified with no mess take the lid off inside your viv and out they jump ,,,, Albert my 3yo male beardie recognises the red tape on the box and is sat waiting for me to open the viv ,,, he knows what's coming
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