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What kills locusts.....

People faffing around with them too much,

Buy as many as you need in one week, keep them cool and dark, they will go into suspension and will last you all week, then the following week go out and buy some more fresh ones,

Bulk locusts were designed for people with large collections to feed a lot of animals, if you buy a bulk bag of locusts and try to make them last a month or more you will end up with losses,

if you want to keep your locusts alive longer they will need high temperatures under a basking lamp with about 35-40.c so that the air in the enclosure is dry and hot, plus plenty of ventilation, you need to feed them a veg diet that isnt high in moisture such as green cabbage, Change of diet will cause deaths, simply keeping them alive will cause deaths as you will lose some when they moult.

If you are keeping them right they will go from hatchlings to adults in four weeks, so unless you have a wide range of different sized animals to feed it makes it pointless trying to keep them alive that long anyway, if you are keeping them wrong they wont grow as quickly and they will stay at the same size for longer but expect some deaths along the way.
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