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This is my little breeding setup i have for sale

first is a 5x32litre rack currently the mesh is suitable for mice but im using the rack for rats so i just put the food staright in the box this has a self watering system £200

next is a mouse rack again self watering put the food on top away you go

the above two are home made

next is this fifteen cage rat rack complete with cages trays this does have a self watering system but i use bottles
i did run water through the piping and it does come out the other end
one cage has a crack and will need to be replaced or repaired £250

last is a little homemade four x32litre boxes with self watering and the plastic shelving simple but does the job very well £60

also have about twenty lab style cages some a bit chewed but generally will do the job £3

this will make a great setup for someone i simply dont have the time anymore
i can supply some rats and mice if needed
i may be able to offer some sort of delivery but not def
prices are not firm simply was unsure what to ask


£500 for the lot
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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