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I have three rats cages *with rats* that are for sale, one is a 'chinchilla' type cage the small squared wire cages that are usually used for chins??
It has 2 males one is huskey and the other is/was a black berkshire rex but his fur seems to be straightening now so I am not 100% but his daddy is a rex and I believe they carry the gene anyway?? both are 4 months old, with cage 3o.oo cage is used and has a couple of minor faults but nothing that affects the use :)

2nd cage is a freddy rat cage, 4 females 2 have been bred before 2 haven't non are 'handling' rats two were given to me by a friend as her son lost interest so they have never had much human contact, I am sure they would tolerate it though if you were willing to offer sometime to them 3 of them are huskey but one is almost pure white now all the grey has faded, and one is a PEW *pink eyed white* 35.oo to cover cost of cage rats are free.

3rd cage is a more reluctant sale, it houses 3 baldie males 2 PEW and one DEW they are just under a year old now and are brothers I have their sister in another cage that is staying, these rats don't HAVE to go so I won't let them go to just anyone wanting a 'cool' pet I am putting them on to see if I get much interest in giving them a new home, they are used to being handled *not too often* one is fine with being picked up two are more timid but wouldn't take much work to become 'pet rats' I would also split this group if someone only wanted two as one of them regularly gets small nips and scratches so I don't doubt there is the odd scrap I would happily keep him here to live out his days and maybe even add one of my other haired males that I am keeping and see if they got along, again price of cage is all I really want 35.oo freddy rat cage.

Also a 4 foot tank of multimammates, they are breeders there is roughly 1 male to 7 girls, along with whatever babies are in at the time, tank has an escape proof lid 3o.oo

Finally one cage I think they are gabbers?? along with a breeding group of fancy mice, I started up a colony for an '07 royal that wouldn't feed but unfortunately he passed away *due to the not feeding* so now I have these surplus to requirements, 25.oo.
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