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I'm currently building a reptile room and am considering the options for heating and monitoring the temperatures in the Vivs. I was wondering if anyone had experience which they can share on the best thermostats to use?

The set up is a built in unit covering two walls with a large angled viv in the middle. Vivs listed run left to right and all heights are 2ft.

3ft x 8ft x 6ft x 2ft Tegu (corner viv with an angled centre)
3ft x 2 ft - tba - prob another snake?

2ft x 2ft - Hognose
3ft x 6ft x 6ft x 2ft Common Boa (male) (corner as above)
3ft x 2 ft - Ball Python

2ft x 2ft - Leopard Gecko
3ft x 6ft x 6ft x 2ft Coastal Carpet Python (corner as above)
3ft x 2 ft - Hogs Island Boas (Pair)

Double cupboard housing electrics
Storage in corner unit
Single cupboard housing electrics

I'm looking at the Microstat range but their site isn't clear on the product comparisons. I already have 3 but was wondering if there was one that can connect to multiple viv's? Or what the best thing to do with the 3 large viv's where I'll need more than 1 heater to maintain the temperature.

Has anyone got experience with thermostats or this type of build which they can share? I need to get building asap but can't until I get this finalised.



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I've tried a few like Habitat and lucky reptile but always end up sticking with the microclimate stats. There are a couple of stats that would run more than 1 viv but if a stat fails you're 2 or more vivs without heating. Personally I'd used the DL1 ME or the EVO. Hope this helps.
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