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As the title says i have a vivarium stack unit for sale. As it is 7 vivs are fully ready for occupants and have runners, glass sliding doors handles and vents. The other unit is ready for everything to be fitted. I used this side for storage (see pics).

As you can see, this unit comes in 2 parts. Both units have been built with 2 opposite 45 degree angle sides to use the space and meet together. This means no space is lost between the units.

Measurements are:

Each unit - 88cm(w) x 40cm (d) x 215cm (h)
Each viv - 88cm (w) x 40cm (d) x 29cm (h)

This unit very heavy so postage isn't an option but i may be able to deliver for fuel cost. Drop me a message for a delivery price.
It also cost £600 to have built so i'm looking for £300ovno.
Please email me for more (higher quality) photos.


1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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