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****************REDUCED TO CLEAR !!!!****************


Small Exo-Terra Waterfall (Inc Pump) & Exo-Terra Fogger £25

Snake Rack - Brand new and unused. The rack comes complete with 10 x 64 litre really useful boxes and 5 heat stripes. The dimensions of the rack are: 1980 (High) x 1016 (Width) x 610 (Depth), Measurements are in mm. The rack is Blue and has a hard wearing power coated finish. This rack is suitable for a wide range of snakes (Boids, Coulbrids etc ) and even lizards, such as Leopard geckos, Crested geckos etc. £400

NOTE: All items will be cleaned before being posted


1. How to keep Dinosaurs by Robert Mash
(This book has 96 pages and has colour photos)

2. Exotic Pet Hand Book: A family guide to buying, caring for and breeding unusual pets by David Manning
(This book has 128 pages, colour photos and is informative)

3. Reptiles & Amphibians by Dr. Glenn Shea
(This book has 320 pages and has a mixture of colour illustrations and colour photos)

4. An interpet guide to Reptiles & Amphibians: A practical introduction to keeping and breeding a wide range of these fascinating creatures by David Alderton
(This book has 117 pages, colour photos)

5. Snakes by Chris Mattison
(This book has 256 pages, colour photos)

£28 The Lot

NOTE: Books from number 1-5 are hardback books.

All books are in good condition apart from Exotic Pet Handbook by David Manning, the corners are damaged and the cover has a few very minor dents and scratches.


1. The ultimate guide to Snakes & Reptiles by Derek Hall
(This book is very informative and has 425 pages and colour photos)

2. 4000 Things You Should Know About Animals by John Farndon
(This book has 256 pages and a range of colour photos and colour illustrations)

3. The natural world: Question and answer encyclopaedia
(This book contains 255 pages and coloured illustrations)

£35 The Lot

NOTE: All 3 of the books above are in good condition and are hardbacks


1. Life in the undergrowth by David Attenborough
(This book has 288 pages and has colour photos)

2. Fresh Water Life & Europe of Great Britain by Susan McKeever
(This book has 81 pages and has coloured illustrations

3. Life in the islands by Rossanne Hooper
(This book contains 31 pages, has a mixture of coloured photos and illustrations)

4. Ponds & Lakes by Anthony Wotton
(This book contains 64 pages, has a mixture of coloured photos and illustrations)

£10 The Lot

NOTE: Books number 1 & 2 are hardback books. Freshwater life by Susan McKeever has damaged corners. All other books are in good condition.

Reptile Models:

Iguana - Measures 27 (L), 4 (H), 11 (W). This product is made in China and is made of plastic/rubber.

Komodo Dragon - Measures 25.5 (L), 8 (H), 11 (W). This product is made in China and is made of plastic/rubber.

Frilled Dragon - Measures 22 (L), 8 (H), 11 (W). This product is made in China and is made of plastic/rubber.

£10 The Trio

^^^Pictures available^^^

Wooden Reptiles:

Measures approx 40cm. This is hand carved and then painted. No 2 are alike !

Measures approx 30cm. This ones looks like an iguana more so then the one above because of the colours. This is hand carved and then painted. No 2 are alike !

£28 The Two



The parrot is a green winged macaw. The macaw is perched on a bamboo tree, this is a very detailed piece and looks great. This item is in good condition and has the creators mark at the bottom. The item measures 90cm (High) x 45cm (Long).

Sex In The City Signed Photograph - Hand signed by Carrie, Sam, Miranda and Charlotte. This is 100% authentic and is not a print out. This is in very good condition. This photo comes complete with frame and glass and has been sealed to show that it is 100% authentic. The photo measures 36cm (High) x 30cm (Long).

Wardrobe Package - These are new and unused, and they are all fully boxed and have not been opened.
This package includes:
2-door wardrobe: hanging rail at the top, fixed shelf at the bottom. 182.2 (H), 70cm (W), 51cm (D).
6-drawer chest: 112.7cm (H), 70.1cm (W), 40.3cm (D).
3-drawer bedside cabinet: 60.5cm (H), 40.8cm (W), 39.8cm (D)
Desk: 76cm (H), 119.7cm (W), 49,6cm (D).

Sony PSP Console Package - Sony PSP, 4 games and accessories. This item is fully boxed and comes with everything needed. The PSP is in very good condition.
What you get:

Sony PSP console (Black)
UK mains charger
32 MB Memory Card
Carry strap
Soft carry case
Headphone lead remote control
4 Games

The games included are:

World Tour Soccer
Virtua Tennis World Tour
Midnight Club DUB Edition
Fifa Soccer
£140 ovno

All items can be posted, the cost will depend on the type of delivery and weight of the item. I have pictures of everything above and can supply more information if need be.


................................................ Remember The Worst I Can Say Is No ................................................

........................................ DO NOT REPLY TO THIS IF YOU HAVE NO INTENTION OF BUYING !!! ........................................

If your interested in any of the above could you please PM me or send an email to [email protected]

Thanks Anthony :D
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