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We are a very small independent reptile outlet based in Dundee. We aim to ensure we can provide a professional
service enabling our customers to actually be able to purchase most items specifically for the Correct care and breeding
of reptiles.

Animal sales started again from today:

Just arrived:
Absolutely Stunning Blue Tongue Skinks (Brisbane & Intermediate phase)
all perfect 08 lizards (no stubbed tails) and feeding well on fruit, veg and catfood.
All at one price £99.00ea

Due next week (weather permitting)

Giant plated lizards (these fellas sold out same day last shipment so be fast)
Rough green snakes (insect eating snakes)
Superb quality Imperial scorpions
Hatchling Snow corns
True Fire sided skinks (riopa Fernandi)

we also at the moment have a vast range alreading in store including: green tree pythons, Burmese, super dwarf reticulated python (feeding well and poss female), Limited 08 Royals. Corns, Kings, Red iguanas (limited), Bearded dragons, Anoles, posion arrow frogs, fire bellied toads (orientalis), Pink toes, red rumps, mexican red knee juvs, horsefeilds tortoise......etc

The Best Quality of Housing, dry goods, Livefoods and frozen foods always available.

Our aim is to ensure that all our customers recieve the best ever site relating exclusively to reptiles and reptile keeping based entirely within Scotland.

we have totally renewed our website due to requests and improvements will be ongoing.

***Forum now also available for meeting other like minded members as well as advice and help!!***

We at Strictly Exotics would also like to take this opportunity to thank all RFUK Members for their
support with our establishment. We first only expected our coverage reaching the corners of Scotland
but with help from everyone, we are reaching now national recognition.
All the above items are subject to stock availability and are for collection only in store (unless otherwise indicated)
All animals are sold with full care sheets and information required also all animals will be registered for licencing requirements as well as customers guarantee.
We reserve the right to refuse sales of animals at any time if we feel their needs not going to be appropriately catered for.
All items are on a first come, first serve basis only and items will not be held back for any reason. Our premises are for over 18’s
unless accompanied by a responsible adult. Under 18’s will there for not be sold animals under any circumstances.
Where possible, all snakes and other captive bred reptiles come with genuine feeding
records also hatch dates. This we also verify with all animal registration/sales
invoice at time of purchase. We do not send any animals via national carriers and are collection in store only.
Our company policy is to encourageand help maintain an animals and keepers
knowledge and assistance at all times within the hobby, and to (where possible)
deliver the best service, advice and prices at all times.

OPEN 7 DAYS, Sunday 11 - 4pm

Strictly Exotics
219 Hilltown
01382 860375
01328 801807
[email protected]


“It’s a great shop”- Dundee
“Supplying a great service that we need in Scotland” – Alex, Dundee
“They were really helpful, I will definitely be coming back” – Fife
“This reptile centre is one of the best in the area” – MrT
“I think that Dundee benefits greatly by having this well run reptile store in place...” – Scotland
“My mates been to your shop and thinks its excellent” – Glasgow
The staff are very very nice and helpful” – Glasgow
“Gorgeous BDragon that is healthy & has settled well! Thanks!” – Gary, Dundee
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