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This massive amount of rotastak is up for sale, collection from Swindon.

Most of the tubes are crittertrail rather than rotastak as I find that my gerbils could get around this easier as it has ridges for footing for them. There are a few smooth rotastak tubes and a few curved 'Spaghetti Junction' rotastak tubes. They all connect together with the crittertrail tubes.

Most of it has been used by my gerbils - some bits have been munched but most is in great condition!

It comprises of:

6 x 3 way connector tubes
13 straight tubes
2 x short straight tubes
14 x corner tubes
2 x 'U' shape tubes
2 x long straight tubes
11 x curved 'Spaghetti Junction' tubes
12 smooth rotastak tubes
2 x 4 way tube connecting pods
1x bottle
1x food dish
2 x climbing mazes (joined together in this photo)
1x red inner cage tube
2 x large round pod cages - the pink one has a fitted wheel inside but has no round fitments to the lid (bought from the shop as just the bases as the tubes and fitments had been nicked out of the box!)
1x large kidney shaped pod
1x attic room
1x igloo house
1x 2' x 2' square cage with each 'turret' having connecting holes for tubes on the outside and inside if required. (There is a small split in the base tray of this cage but it is absolutely fine if placed onto a flat surface). The pieces fastening the perspex sides in are a little wobbly in places but as long as the perspex is pushed fully in, there are no problems with escapees! There is an access door in the wire lid of this cage.
A few random bits and pieces - rings, stoppers, metal chew proof rings etc

This is a huge amount of rotastak and caging which provides a massive living space and can be arranged and re-arranged to keep it interesting for your pets and can be stacked or spread out as per your available space. This can be used as one massive cage or split down to make a couple of cages.

This caging is suitable for syrian hamsters and gerbils. The tubes are too small for rats and degus and too large for dwarf hamsters and mice - unless they are arranged horizontally so that dwarf hammies and meeses can just run through them, they are too large in diameter for them to be able to climb them.

This has cost me an absolute fortune to amass, I need space now so selling for £60. Collection from Swindon please.


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I would really not recommend these for gerbils, please only put hamsters in them, I got some for my gerbils when I was younger and didn't know better - they chewed their way out, escaped and died (presumably when they jumped off the table) :(
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