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Morning All, I live in Jersey Channel islands and will be breeding our first royal python babies this season.

We have a female classic (beast) and a male lesser, our classic also locked with a Mojave shortly before we brought her to the Channel Islands so there is also a strong possibility we have a couple of Mojaves thrown into the mix. We also have a female Bumblebee with very classic bumblebee markings very pretty girl also locked with Lesser, but she was a little underweight ( I told hubby to wait this season but he never listens) she's back up to weight now so you never know might get a couple from her.

Just seeing if we have any interest in the Channel islands for possible new homes for the babies when they arrive March/April.

Possible morphs we may get:

Lesser bee,
Lesser pastel,
Queen bee

Let me know your thoughts and if you live in the Channel islands and are interested in some royal babies this season. Since Royals are kind of hard to get into the island I'm looking at what might be reasonable prices, so those are TBC.

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