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a quick question for the royal experts and lovers,
firstly is there much variance in royal pythons over there rather large distrabution area in marking/colouration wise ,
locality doesnt seem to be used as much as in reticulated python localities,(marketing wise)and also are certain morphs like piebald etc,etc, found in concentrated areas or certain countries, just intrested,

and secondly has anyone noticed the price of retics has krept up from a certain distributer,dont know if this is happening across the range i paid £190 for a madu sept, most of the jamp/madu/kayuadi now ranging for a cf animal over £350 each,almost doubled,wouldnt like to shell out for a cb locale retic at the min,lol,
is c/f worth paying almost double for?,
ive only ever had one rather costly problem with a wc animal, all the rest wc been perfect animals,
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