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Availablre now

1.0 graziani pastel male(adult).

0.1 750g Lesser

0.1 650g Clown

0.1 300g cinny

0.1 800g Lesser Pastel

1.0 350g Pinstripe

0.1 160g Super Pastel

To order in:

genetic stripe male(ralph davis breeding stock,proven breeder) - £6500!!!!

400g 60% white female pied
0.2 Adult Mojave
0.1 Albino Spider 1000g
0.1 Adult lesser
0.6 Adult Pastels
0.2 Adult Ghosts
1.1 Caramel Albino
1.0 Adult Genetic Stripe
0.2 Adult Pied
1.0 Adult Bumblebee
1.0 Adult Pinstripe
1.1 150g Super Pastel
Pied 30-40% white
Het pieds (pairs only)
Het Albino (pairs only)

0.1 Lesser Spider 200g
0.1 Super Pastel Orange -Ghost200g

platinum(serious enquiries only please)
adult male spiders
06 spiders
3.0 cinnamon pastel
0.1 05 650+grams spider

may even have some DH Lavender Albino Pieds available,

All fantastic prices and will do discount on multiple snakes.
Can get other stuff thats not on the list...just ask.
please email [email protected] for prices.

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Nat said:
wouldnt mind some more details on the albinos..IE...age, weight, sex, price etc...also is it poss to see the animals b4 exchanging any money?
yes that can be probs.
i will get you some info tomorrow and pm you xxx
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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