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I have 3 voracious Clea helena, Assassin Snails, about 2cm long each, for sale for £5 + £2.50 postage or SWAP for several juvenile Red Cherry Shrimp (or any Neocaridina variety shrimp). Willing to pay a small difference for RMND delivery on shrimps. Paypal gift only pls.

These snails are great nuisance snail killers, so a bargain for those looking to clear their tank of nuisance snails. I've had to buy in Tadpole snails to feed them so they have to go soon or they will starve!

Won't touch any plants so grand for keeping planted setups snail-free. They cannot breed in freshwater, so won't add to more snail infestations. However, they will attack and eat Apple Snails, even large ones!


1 - 6 of 6 Posts