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I have a male Kenyan sand boa that is about 1 year old and about 13 inches long.
His name is Dante and he's the cutest little guy in the world.
Anyway, I have intermediate experience with snakes and other herps. I have rehabilitated 2 leopard geckos and own a bearded dragon and have, in the past, owned a ball python and a veiled chameleon.

I have had this little cutie for about 4 months now and like most Kenyan's he a little bit of a fussy eater, but always has had good sheds.
this shed however, was very bad. he was pale for a long time before he started to shed and so i gave him shallow, warm baths once a day for a week.
he began to shed the skin off in flakes and pieces after that. so I made him a humidity box and kept him in it for a few hours as opposed to leaving it in his habitat for fear of increasing the humidity too much for a desert dweller.
yesterday I checked on him again and he had sores all over his body, one on top of his head, and two on his tail and a few on his side midsection.
and the worst was a sore right over his eye. and when i touched this sore gently it was bleeding a little.

i put some hydrogen peroxide on the wounds except for the eye and then put Neosporin on the eye and other wounds.
I removed him from his regular tank and put him in one with only paper towels as substrate and a water dish.

I made a vet appointment for Monday but i really am worried about his vision.
I will post a picture later when I am off from work to give you an idea of the extent of the injury. I do not want him to lose his sight.
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