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hi there,
here is a brief selection of our updated animal list please feel free to have a browse and if we can help you with anything then please ask

crested geckos adults females perfects
kings monitors females
club tail agamas
standings day geckos
gold dust day geckos
albino fat tails
mix morph leopard geckos
undiwoodysaurus milli
raptor leopard geckos
plumbed basilisks
citrus x hypo red bearded dragons
rankin dragons
frill dragons
giant uromastyx
ridge tail monitors
baby crested geckos
baby bearded dragons
and much more

lesser platty royals 07 £899
pastel royals 07 £250
pastel royals 08 £225
het axanthic royal 07 £175
het pied 06 £295
various corns , kings and milks
loads of hog nose snakes mix sexes
platty/ fire retic het ivory £1650
lemon glow retics £750
loads of normal royals
het snow bull snakes
spotted pythons
albino checkered garter snakes
green tree pythons £375 each
columbian rainbow boas adults
and much more

erins silk moths
togo starbursts adults and slings
salmon pinks adults and slings
goliath bird eaters adults females
senegal parrots
and much more

if you require any further information, prices, pics ect then please feel free to contact us through our website only
Scales and Tails Leicester, Reptiles, Fish, Birds & Mammals

collection only from leicester

kind regards
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