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Hi all,

I have now decided to sell my yellow belly slider as i have not enough time for it. Between moving to a new house and a new job its hard for me to look after it the way i want to. Aswell as some tropical fish including, 3 Malawi Cichlids,
1 Red Finned Shark (about 4-5 inches), 1 Plec, (i'm guessing about 6-7 inches) and 1 Cichlid Ram (1.5 inch). With the setup you get internal filter, a heater, 1 basking lamp, 3ft tank with lid, and lighting for the tank. Or i have a 2.5ft tank instead of the 3 ft tank, but u get all the setup with it.

I do not have a fixed price, So make offers!

Collection Only, I live in Torfaen area of South Wales.

Will Put Pictures Up This Afternoon. Thank you.
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