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I am absolutely new to this site and new to selling mantis. Firstly, I will fire off some info so you know the score and then you can possible help me?

I have Ghost Mantis (L2+), roughly fifteen with approx. 5 more oothecas to hatch. It has been a learning curve; mostly I found out that it is a lot more difficult than I expected (it makes a BA with Hons look like office work).

For info; I have sold five to a local shop (pet shop obv') at £4 (L2) each.
I have never sold on ebay and fear I might mess it up (just because I do not know the ropes).
I am willing to sell through here if you guys let me know how.

Ok here are my questions;

1. Was I scammed by the shop for the price I sold my mantis? I think it was a good deal but I actually have no clue as to the true value of my mantis, so please be honest.

2. Is selling on ebay straight forward? What are the best sending methods? Are there any laws (Tax, laws on insects) that I must adhere to? Is it even worth it?

3. Are there any other places better than ebay to sell?

Thanks for now and I am sure I will have more questions later

Peace and Englightenment

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