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I am selling my entire collection i have about 13 t's for sale collection only all come in there setups email [email protected] looking for £200 for all i wont split them up

1x avic avic sub adult female
1x obt adult female golden colour form
1x g.rosea rcf adult 50% chance female
1x b.bohemi unsexed juvie
1x euthals red unsexed juvie
1x black and white bolivian dwarf unsexed sling
1x p.mettalica unsexed juvie
1x p.irmina unsexed juvie
1x b.smithi unsexed juvie
1x g.b.b unsexed juvie
1x m.balfouri unsexed juvie
1x c.marshalli adult female
1x l.parahybanna unsexed sub adult
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