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The Shelled Warriors shop is a small family run business producing the highest standard tortoise products, whilst still providing excellent value.

Here at the Shelled Warriors Shop you will find everything you will need to help your reptile live a long, peaceful and happy life.

Here at Shelled Warriors we will not sell you anything unsuitable.

Tortoises are our main passion!!!

We do keep and breed many rare species of tortoises - Indian Stars, Iberas, Leopards, Red Foots, Pancakes

We have kept tortoises for 12 years and know them inside out. We sometimes have some of our babies for sale.

We have/do also keep many species of lizards, Bearded Dragons, Leopards Geckos and Crested Geckos.

We started this business because too many people were given the wrong information on what products are needed for their animals!! PLEASE BUY WITH CONFIDENCE!!

We are the leaders in 'Grow your own food' seeds to sow and grow, to feed your reptile.
Bearded Dragon seed mix, Tortoise seed mix, Rabbit seed mix, Dandelion seeds etc etc
Seeds from 89p ALL FREE POST!
Wholesale available to shops

Always happy to help with any questions on what products are needed for your reptile [email protected]

We stock a variety of items
Tortoise tables, thermometers, heating, Combined UVB, Vivariums, Livefood, Frozen food, Substrates, Cleaners, Books


Please view our Ebay feedback here

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