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As some of you will know from previous posts of mine. We have been trying to renovate the shop for some time. Sadly due to being diagnosed with cancer and issues with planning permission (we are based in a listed building), we had delays.
Yet finally we are done. We have new stock and pans to expand further, below find a sample of the available stock with prices and also some pictures of our new (almost finished) shop.

(Above) Toby, our now very friendly Black and White Tegu.

(Above) One of our new vivarium stacks. Containing, Chameleons, Leopards and an Australian Water Dragon.

(Above) Too cute to leave out, baby terrapins enjoy time out of their pond on the basking rock.

(Above) A wider view of the new shop.

(Above) Our indoor terrapin pond.

Adult Male Australian Water Dragon - £150
Yemen Chameleon CB late 11 - £75
Piebald Yemen CB late 11 - £110
Leopard Gecko Normal CB 12 - £45
Morph Leopard Gecko CB 12 - £55
Adult Pair of Bearded Dragons - £140
Rankin's Dragon CB 12 - £80
Dragon Agama adult - £35
Mwanza Agama (spiderman lizard) breeding pair - £80
Adult male crested gecko - £55
And many more.

CB 11 Hypo Boa - £110
CB 11 Common Boa - £70
CB 11 Striped California King - £50
CB 10 Male Pastel Royal - £150
Adult Male Borneo Black Blood Python - £250
We have Kenyan Sand boas, Hognoses and Green Tree Pythons on the way, all babies.

We also have a wide selection of Chelonia, Arachnids and Amphibians.
We can ship, we have arrangements with TNT to ship
Either PM me, e-mail me on [email protected] or call us on 01622 200292
Or alternatively come and meet our new reptiles, most are dog tame.
We are based at 56 Union Street, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1ED

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Just a quick question, have you replaced the big lazy dude with the laptop?:whistling2:
You have some competition opening up in Maidstone Dave. Sorry to hear the crap health news.
Take it easy mate.
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