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If you need any more details on any of the animals/goods listed, please email us on [email protected] or call on 01952 822133. You can PM me but I don't log in very often anymore so it'll be quicker to email or call.

If you're specifically after Suggie advice then call at a weekend and ask for Marie, I've helped people all over the world with their suggies from Europe to the US to Malaysia oh and Singapore! lol!

The shop is open Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat from 10 - 6 and Sun 10.30 - 3.30 (though we're usually there a lot longer than that!)

1.1 CB07 Green Cat Eye snake (Boiga cynea) £450 for the pair, they came to us as proven breeders ... (picture below)
Speckled Kingsnake adult (Lampropeltis g. holbrooki ) £75
Irian jaya jungle jaguar siblings CB08 £140
1.1 CB09 Albino black rat £60
1.0 Tangerine Dream Honduran Milk Snake US bred 2005 £85 (picture below)
1.1 Trinket Snakes CB09 £50 each or £85 pair
1.1 Bredls Python CB08 £350 pair (picture below)
Albino Chequered Garter snakes CB08 £75
1.1 Albino Nelsons Milk snakes CB09 £90 each or £165 pair
1.0 Grey Banded Kingsnake CB09 £65
5.1 Royal Pythons CB05, males £75, female £100
2.1 San Louis Kingsnake (proven breeders) £200
False Water Cobra (Brazilian Smooth Snake) CB09 £120
CB09 Striped tail Boa – very pretty £110 (picture below) we have two, one is pictured below, the other doesn't have quite as good a stripe
CB09 high contrast Boa – very pretty £130 (picture below)
Various corn snakes from £35 upwards
Carolina corns £35 upwards (depending on age)
Anery corns £45 upwards (depending on age)
Amel corns £45 upwards (depending on age)
Silver Miami (US bred) £45 (picture below)
Hypo corn (US bred) £40
Hypo het for Lavendar (US bred) £60
Snow Corn CB08 £75

DWA Snakes - Please ring for prices, DWA license needed and proof will be required

2.0 Adult Moroccan Black cobra (Naja haje legionis)
1.0 Southern Pacific (Crotalus viridis helleri)
0.0.7 CBO9 Cape Cobra (Naja nivea)
1.1 CB08 Albino visual & albino het Monacled cobra (Naja kaouthia)
1.1 Western Diamondback Rattlesnake (Crotalus atrox)
1.1 Adult Red Spitting Cobra - proven breeders (Naja pallida)
Various morph/sizes Monocled Cobra (Naja kaouthia)
1.1 Adult Black & White spitting cobra (Naja siamensis)
1.1 Venezuelan Lancehead (Bothrops venezuelensis)

1.1 High Glo Giant Leopard Gecko £230 pair
1.1 Adult Bearded Dragon £140 pair
1.0 Blizzard Leopard Gecko (4yrs old) £45
Baby Bearded Dragons (not quite ready to go) £45
CF Water Dragons, all eating well £45

Inverts – Please phone for sizes and prices
Poecilotheria tigrinawesseli
Nhandu chromatus
Grammostola aureostriata
Grammostola pulchra
Grammostola rosea
Cyclosternum fasciatum
Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens
Avicularia urticans
Poecilotheria smithi
Poecilotheria formosa
Poecilotheria subfusca
Poecilotheria ornata
Gorgyrella sp. (orange)
Avicularia purpurea
Avicularia geroldi
Avicularia azuraklaasi
Avicularia versicolour
Avicularia huriana
Cyriopagopus sp. “Singapore Blue”

Mature Males
Cyriopagopus sp. “Singapore Blue”
Avicularia versicolour
Poecilotheria ornata
Poecilotheria metallica
Avicularia metallica
Avicularia sp. “Brazilian Pink Toed Spider”

Sugar Glider Supplements
GliderCal 5 oz............. £6.99
GliderBooster 2.5 oz ....... £6.99

Bee pollen 1oz ............. £3.99
Bee pollen 4oz ............. £8.50
Acacia Gum 1oz ........... £3.99
Acacia Gum 4oz ........... £8.50
Gliderade 8oz ............. £9.99
Gliderade 24oz ........... £24.99
Nutra Glider 10oz .............. £9.99
Insectivore Fare 1lb ........ £7.50
Yogurt Drops ............. £3.99

Skunk supplement
Vita Skunk ..... £7.99

Wodent Wheels are the big favourite among suggie owners and now come in a selection of colours. They're also suitable for flying squirrels, STOs & small rats.

11" Senior Wodent Wheels ..... £13.50
Sandy Wheel Insert for 11" senior WW ... £11.50 SWI

8" Junior Wodent Wheels ... £12.50 Please note, the juniors are NOT suitable for sugar gliders (too small), suitable for hamsters and mice, also come in a selection of colours. ........ £12.50

Stealth Wheels coming soon ...

Cage Nest Pouch ................ £7.99
Window bonding Pouch .................. £12.99
Heating pouch for if suggie goes in to torpor ...... £15.00

More handmade original pouches coming soon ...


Tangerine Dream Honduran Milk Snake

1.1 Bredls Python

Green Cat Eye snakes

Silver Miami

Boa - Striped tail (1 of 2)

Boa - high contrast
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