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Hi, i'm new here. I have a 15 yr old monitor, V. albigularis. Had him to a vet in april, he was thin and sluggish and appetite was low. She did bloodwork and told me his liver function was zero, so she didn't have much hope for him. He also had very low blood percent and low iron. So I was advised to feed him beef and iron supplement. That worked far beyond expectations, he gained a lot of weight and became really active again. But he went bad again some 2 months ago, and I suspect it was because I fed him some frozen sprat I bought for him in february. Prior to the vet visit, I had also fed him these, as supplement. I think the thiaminase in the fish broke down the B vitamin in his body. Now he has nearly stoppen eating, I have given him B1-supplement, but it doesn't seem to help. His digestion is really poor, stools are almost white and there is very little of it. His liver is probably very bad again now, and he has lost a lot of weight again.

So now my question here, is there something I can give him to strengthen his liver function? I know it's a long shot and he is quite old, but the way he came back to health last time, gives me a tiny hope that he can do it again.

I haven't talked to my vet again, I kind of lost a bit of trust in her measurements last time, because it turned out the way it did. Her advise to feed him beef and iron was excellent, though. So now I'm trying here as a bit of a desperate last resort.

Sorry it got a bit lenghty :)
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