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hi, i have got a blue tongue skink, 1 fire salamander and a spotted salamander for sale, they are all in good health and need to go asap

Blue tongue skink and set-up
the skink is 18 months old, i was told it was male but have taken it to the vets and he has told me female so i'm not sure on who to believe, it is around 18" long and can come with a 3ft set-up,
i'm looking for £120 on its own or £150 with its set-up

Fire salamander and spotted salamander
the salamanders are both living in the same tank and are both healthy and eating well, they are both very tame but spotted is abit more quicker than fire, i'm looking for £25 each or £100 the pair with set-up

i will get some pics of these tomorrow

if your interested in these contact me on [email protected]
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