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Last week I noticed a small bump next to my leopard geckos eye and thought she may have hit her head on something. Last night it looked a little more swollen and today even more so. She had shedding issues in the summer and stopped eating leading to a vitamin deficiency. She went to see William Lewis at orchid vets and was giving vitamin drops, Baytril and critical care and recovered. So whether or not this is related I don't know.

She's eating fine though her eyesight in her affected eye never recovered to how it was before and often misses the worms. Lately she seems constantly hungry? She sheds and poos fine.

Anyway I made an appointment to see William Lewis tomorrow afternoon so will see how it goes but I'm suspecting it's an abscess which she will have to stay the night there. The journey is about 50mins so how should I transport her to keep her warm?

Is this very common and has anyone dealt with the situation before?
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