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I have a really big viv (4ft long, 3ft high and 2 ft deep), that contains 7 green anoles. I have been looking, for a while for something elso to put in there that will stay at the bottom of the viv, as this is really not used by the anoles except for when they lay their eggs.

Does anyone know of anything small enough to co-habit with the anoles, that wont bully them, and that likes the same kind of humidity, I thought about frogs but they dont really do it for me. I wouldnt normally mix my species but the tank is enormous and it seems such a waste. I refuse to buy more anoles, as the ones I have are breeding and I dont see the need to buy more WC ones when I have CB's.

I also used to have rough green snakes but they do have a habit of escaping, and they bite when you try to put them back, lol.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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