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I have 2 big snake tanks with glass doors, electrical equipment, artificial greenery, painted in brown.

Importantly, the tanks have grooves with little circles, thank to which glass doors move very easily. I have a lot of things for people who keeps reptiles, so you would have to come in and see it. I have branches, ventilation and many more.

Now they are in my storage, that's why the photos don't show how great they are.

The sizes are: 180cm long x 62cm wide and 60cm across.

90cm long x 62cm wide and 60cm across. This one I build in such a way that it is easy to build the same one and put on top of the big one. That's why it is half the size in length.

I also have wooden doors boards with concrete decorations build on them, as the back wall for other vivs. There is a lot to choose from

For the big vivarium with all the equipment I want £200, even though this would never pay for the amount of work I put into it. I suggest that you just come in and pick what you want.

I live in Richmond Surrey.
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