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Well here are some more pics for you all to see, I have some real cuties in my family now.

Sky my WFB female who has a joey IP

Jimmy my leu boy who is dad to Sky IP joey so I have a chance of getting either a WFB het leu, a Leu or a grey het leu.

WFB male which is still unnamed

I have some more that I need to upload I will do that later. I am pleased to say my leu girl is also carrying joeys but she is at the early stage at the moment. I do have one joey OOP atm and thats from my standard grey pair, mum was wandering around with the LO on her back last night.

Mrs J my grey in the trio with Jimmy and Sky at the moment and she also has 2 joeys IP, this is the first time they have bred as a trio as i introduced Sky to the group when she was a year old, so fingers crossed it all goes smoothly.
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