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Hi guys,

I'm a current vet student and next year I have to do a 4000 word research project and I want to do it on the head wobble in spider royals.

For the study to be effective, I need as much data as possible, so I need to know how many people on here have a spider royal and would be willing to answer a survey about age, sex, weight, incubation temp, severity/duration of wobble etc.

I know lots of people want this kind of research done, so an observational study like this is the first step, and if I don't get enough data then I can't do it.

Please reply here if you would be willing to answer the survey (I haven't written it yet, but for the statistics to work it would probably have to be one survey per snake so if you have more than one and would be willing to fill it out several times that would be great!)

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