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Hi guys,

I'm a vet student about to go into my second year and during the year I have to do a big research project, and I want to do mine on the wobble in spider morphs. I know it's a topic that has absolutely no research at all done on it (yay for me, finding enough related research will be a bitch) but hopefully an observational study like me will lead to other studies on the topic, as our RP1 papers often get published.

To do a reasonable study and get significant results I will need a lot of data, so I'll need a lot of people with spider royals to fill out a survey. The questions will be things like age, sex, weight, how severe the wobble is, how often it occurs or is it constant, does it affect eating/shedding/breeding etc. and won't take very long at all. If I get enough interest here I should have it written within two weeks or so.

If you'd be willing to answer my survey (or even answer it several times if you have several spider morphs) please reply here so I can get an idea of the feasibility of my study. If I won't have enough data to get significant results then unfortunately my study won't be approved and I'll have to come up with a new topic.

Thank you so much in advance!
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