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Hi I got some standing day geckos and just wanted to make sure the information I have read is correct and had some questions.

Humidity between 40% - 60%
Temperature day 30C with basking 35C

How long should I leaves the lights on each day?
Is the lighting i am using correct?
3x Repti Glo 100 (is this enough uvb?)
1 basking light over some wood high up.

How often should I feed them?

I was thinking of always having pangea available and feeding them crickets two or three times a week


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I think that you are broadly right.

I would use Arcadia T5 12% light tubes as I think that they are far better than the Exo-Terra ones. A better quality of light and more UVB. Lights on twelve hours per day or thereabouts. Reduced in winter to eight hours.

I don't like feeding too much pre made foods. I have found that Phelsuma like them and there is a tendency for them to get fat on them. If it were me I would feed the adult geckos Livefoods every two or three days and premade food once per week.

Personally I keep the vivariums quite bare as I think Phelsuma like smooth surfaces to bask on. It is good to have horizontal, vertical and diagonal bamboo pieces. Sansevera is a good very forgiving plant.
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