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Female Albino BCI, 07, BCI Bob Clark bred via Henry Batten, 5 foot long, coral markings already, wonderful feeder on large rats and full sheds: 3.5 foot long male hypo 07 100% het albino (NERD Line) via Crystal Palace Reptiles feeds great on big weaner rats and full sheds.

All paperwork available.

On my previous history are most recent pics, female pics are 3 months old, male are most recent, both are dog tame and as I am a 1 pair of snake man only have decided to go for Womas. These are great snakes and will not let them go lightly if you haven't got a pair of Womas please do not reply these fantastic boas are not for sale they are for swap only for a pair of Womas!!!

I live in the South-East, Rochester, Kent and would hope that the swap would be within 100 miles.

I know that this is swap is probably not going to happen but had a few moments spare so thought that this would be worth an effort.

Pics are on my past history and more are available upon request.


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