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Hi guys,
Just putting this out there really. I have a full setup of Leo's that I might sell or swap for royals?
Firstly the setup: it's a 4ft viv split into two. Both sides have been textured using tile grout and painted to look like rock. Each side comes with decorations. Both sides also has it's own strip light, heat lamp and dimmer stat (so that's two lights and two habistat dimmers!) extra vent put in each side so there is nice air flow.
Now for the geckos; 1st side, 1.0 macksnow tremper albino het eclipse, 0.1 tremper albino het eclipse, 0.1 aberrant macksnow poss het tremper albino and 0.1 patternless (i am currently incubating eggs from this side, believe them to be from the patternless)
2nd side; 1.0 normal 0.1 normal (dropped end of tail a couple of weeks ago, she's fine tho) 0.1 chocolate bell albino. (Also currently incubating an egg from this side, not sure on the dame)

I'm open to whatever off you may have, all the geckos are really friendly, most come to the glass when you open it :)

Pics on request, just took some on my iPad (they're shit! Lol)
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