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You buy a set up for your reptile of choice, but, before you bring your new friend home you need to build your set up (easy ish) and then, start on getting the temps correct (NOT EASY if new to hobby). I'm guessing some people have been in this situation.
1-You find yourself staring at the viv for about 4 hours a day, staring non stop to see if it goes up or down stressing.
2-After 4 hours of watching and playing around stressing like a mo fo you get it right and you think your job is complete.
3-IT'S NOT and you spend another 4 hours fiddling, stressing even more but in the end after a 8 hour stare off it's working like a dream
4-THAT FEELING of happiness, joy, proudness of your viv making skills and admiring your new friend. PRICELESS!
Happy X-mas all and hope you have fab New Year!!!
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