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Well Saturday looms towards our massve Open Day and most of all the manufacturers seem as excited as we are.

Most of the manufacturers are setting up tanks and Viv's around the shop to display and show customers different and new product launches and theirs also the great TMC film to watch.

Their will be a once in a lifetime (mine that is anyway) discount on Fish, Inverts, Reptiles and all supporting dry goods.

RO Water containers, Water, Live Rock & Branch all massively discounted on the day only.

It was good to meet a lot of you last Saturday and Sunday so those of you who already saw our competitive prices can only dream of the extra discounts of up to 50% off on the day!

All Salt discounted in all 25k buckets, Red Sea Pro, Sera, Wave & TMC.

Big percentage discounts on Lucky Reptile, Zoo-Med, T-Rex, Exo-Terra and many other leading reptile brands.

Link to our site for all the details of where we are.

We have been busy putting more than 300 carrier bags together with goodies to hand out which is 100 more customers only than we normally see on a Saturday so be early as we expect to run out but we are assured all the manufacturers are bringing plenty of reserve information and freebies with them.

If you keep other pets and Fish, not only Reptiles, then be assured that everything is discounted especially out of season Pond Goods and more importantly 10% of our whole days takings goes to Acorns Childrens Hospice for terminally ill children.

Put yourself out to meet the manufacturers, get some bargains, free hot food on arrival or as you leave and also help a great charity all in one.

An Open Day that we think has something for everyone
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