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A Few More Bits & Bobs Due to Arrive This Week.

Shop re-fit due to be completed very soon , so lots more room for lots more animals, web-site should be full up-dated by Wednesday.

Gecko's ~ Blazing Blizzards Leopard Geckos, Blizzard Leopard Geckos, Smooth Knob Tail (Nephrurus levis levis), Cb08 Mack Snow & Super Mack Snow Leopard Geckos, Jungle Leopard Geckos, Tangerine Leopard Geckos, Sunglow Leopard Gecko, Super Hypo Carrot Tail Leopard Gecko, Cb07/08 Tokay Geckos, Cb07/08 Australian Barking Geckos, Cb07 Chinese Leopard Gecko, Flying Geckos, Cb08 Crested Geckos, Cb07 Paroedura pictus, Cb07 Paroedura bastardi, Tremper Giant het Albino Leopard Geckos (males only).

Monitors ~ Cb07 Red Spiney Tailed Monitors (Ackies), Cb08 Black and White Tegu's(2 left),Cb08 Red Tegu's(2 left),Cb08 Black and Gold Tegu's(3 left), Blue Tailed Monitors(1 left), Baby Bosc's (2 left), Baby Nile Monitors.

Other Lizards ~ Cb07 Bearded Dragons, Baby Chinese Water Dragons, Baby Green Basalisks, Cb07 Blue Tongued Skinks, Huge Adult Blue Tongued Skinks, White & Red Eyed Crocodile Skinks, Adult Female Bearded Dragons(slight nipped tails),Cb08 Horned Dragons,Water Dragons, Jewel Curly-Tailed Lizards, Sub-Adult Frilled Dragons, Baby Frilled Dragons, Pygmy Chameleons (R.brevicaudatus), Nosy Be Panther Chameleons, Cb06 & Cb07 Yemen Chameleons, Cb06 Pied Yemen Chameleons (1.1), Various Uromastyx's & Much More.

Chelonia ~ Adult Horsefield Tortoises, Cb07 Hermann's Tortoises, Bells Hinge-Back Tortoises, Serrated Hinge-Back Tortoises, Burmese Brown Tortoise, Adult Red Foot Tortoises, Spur Thigh Tortoises, Sulcatas , Baby Cherry Heads and various Turtles and Terrapins.

Amphibians ~ Cb07 Baby Red Eye Tree Frogs, Various Cb07 Posion Arrow Frogs,Spotted Salamanders, Leopard Frogs, Various Horned Frogs, Waxy Monkey Frogs.

Snakes ~

Cf08 Hand Picked Royals
Zebra Siblings
75% Jungle Jag Carpet
25% Diamond x Jungle Carpet
50% Jungle X Coastal Carpet
Butter Royal Python
Vanilla Royal Python
Axanthic Royal Python
Cb07 Green Tree Python
Cb06 GTP

Cb07/08 Emerald Tree Boas
Cb08 Red Amazon Tree Boas
Cb08 Halloween Amazon Tree Boas
Cb07 Surinam Red Tail Boas (1.1 Left)
Emerald Tree Boas

Blood Red
Opal Lavender
Het Ghost Lavender
Het Ghost Bloodred Stripe
Amber Het Butter
Het Lavender Caramel
Ghost Het Stripe Motley
Het Charcoal Ghost Lavender
Het Ghost Stripe Motley

+ Invert's & More

Take a look and keep checking daily for the new arrivals :2thumb:

The Living Rainforest - Welcome To The Living Rainforest

Cheers Steve
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