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The Mistress Manual: A Good Girl's Guide to Female Dominance

What every girl needs to know in order to dominate the man in their life.
Becoming a Mistress brings light to idea of female dominance and the pleasure that can come from command while also discussing the psychological aspects of dominance and finding a partner to explore your fantasies. Many factors concerning personal guilt and relationships are addressed in regards to female dominance. If you're new to the sensual art of dominance you will gather a great deal of self-awareness and understanding in this book regarding and female dominance.
The Five Archetypal Fantasies are The Nursemaid, The Governess, The Queen, The Amazon, and the Goddess. Each archetype is outlined from elements of the fantasy, skills needed in the fantasy, enacting the perfect scenario, and variations of each fantasy. If you're unsure how to begin this section will eliminate all doubts. This is a step by step how to from what you should be thinking to create the fantasy to what to wear.
This is a softback book, and has approx 220 pages.

Pictures by mrsslithers - Photobucket

looking for around the £8 mark but am open to offers, ever been read all the way thru
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