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The Ratsnake Foundation will launch in 30th January 2007 at 12 noon GMT, as an Online Only Society aimed specifically for Ratsnake Enthusiasts.

Membership to the Society will be £8 per year and includes full access to the site, articles, forums that are dedicated to the exchange of information on Ratsnakes. Surveys, News, Etymology & Herpetological Dictionary, Ratsnake Distribution Maps, Members Photo Gallery, Classified and Events Pages, PDF Document Downloads & Book Reviews.

The site will be updated monthly with new features which would in effect be the content that one would receive in a 'traditional newsletter'.

On Launch Members articles will include the first two parts of a series of twelve on Asian Ratsnakes by Klaus Dieter Schulz.. this series of articles 'Die hinterasiatischen Kletternattern der Gattung Elaphe', were originally published in the magazine 'Sauria' in German.

Various features of the site will be open to non members but as with all societies subscriber members get access to the 'real' content. It is hoped that the Society will attract members from all over the world not just the UK, and be an oasis on the internet where we can talk, learn and share information on these species.

We look forward to meeting you online when we launch.

The Ratsnake Foundation Committee

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