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Got these little guys in for someone else who has subsequently dissappeared, but i'm letting them go as part of my collection streamlining despite them being the single most hilarious scorp species I have ever taken custody of.

These are a believed pair of Pandinus militaris. They look like little emperors, but perhaps with a slightly reddish tinge to the claws.

That is where the similarity ends however, as their character bears no resemblance whatsoever to their larger cousins. These guys are by far the most aggressive scorpions I have ever come across. Go near them and they have their claws raised ready to snap, they wheel round on you to attack constantly. Most scorpions I have dealt with take quite a bit of badgering them to provoke a response - not these guys. They want at you! The hilarity come from them being sooooo ridiculously angry but being so incapable of inflicting any real damage apart from a nasty pinch. Not only are they brilliant little guys, they are also really quite rarely seen.

Get involved, you wont regret it! £49 the pair including RMSD.
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