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I have two adult male Royal Pythons one quite dark the other a more silvery colour. Both are nice snakes, very placid and over 4ft. Both can be a bit fussy ofn the feeding front so might be better for an experienced RP owner. Was wondering if anyone might be interested in swapping for a Boa BCI or W.H.Y? Would prefer something around a year or so but open to suggestions. I am in Surrey close to junction 11 of M25. No equipment with the snakes 'cos would need for new one. It's just that I've found myself more and more interested in Boas rather than RP's. Of course if anyone wants to swap a male Hogg Island to go with my girls that would be the buisness!! I could have a lovely little breeding set up there in a couple of years.
PS can email pictures if required.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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