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Thinning out my collection, enclosures included (see pic)
I'm selling as a job lot, no splitting or posting.
Collection only from Bedford
Priced: £1100 ONO

Adult Females:
B. klassi x 2
C. darlingi
T. sabulosum
A. kwitara x 3
P. cambridgei x 2
C. lividus
B. boehmei
A. chalcodes (old lady)
T. verdezi
P. reduncus (paired)
S. angustum
T. vagans
L. parahybana

SAF/Juvies Females
C. darlingi
P. murinus (RCF) x 3
P. pulcher
T. verdezi

L. klugi (~3-4" LS)

Slings (1st instar to ~2")
P. reduncus x 8
P. irminia x 7
P. cambridgei x 4
P. sazimai x 3 (grown on)
P. rufus x 6
S. calceatum x 4
N. incie (Gold) x ~60

P. rufus MM (tiny & fresh)
L. parahybana MM (fresh)
T. sabulosum MM (old)

Table Tableware Ingredient Cuisine Gas

PM if interested
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