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Had a crappy day at college and then a rubbish day work afterwards plus i got saoked from all the remaining sludge and so. So got home and thought i would clean all my reps out when i noticed my Chile rose i got from SEAS i moving about quite a bit, when i looked closer she was digging a cave out that i had made already for her.
She would go in then gather a ball of dirt then carry it to one corner of the tank then drop it and pat it down then repeat this process.

I was just sitting there and when i looked at the clock i had been there for just over an hour, it was just brilliant seeing how intelligent it was and almost as if she was decorating her tank how she liked it. Never seen anything like from my other Ts

It has just brightened my rubbish day:2thumb::2thumb:
Just thought i would share with you how great Ts are
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