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Hey, I've been looking after reptiles now for a few years and I'm currently building a new viv for a couple of new cresties I have coming soon.

I came up with idea that I would like to be able to monitor the vivarium conditions whenever I'm not around and so I have an I.P. camera installed in the viv and I am looking into getting an I.P. thermometer/hydrometer and if they exist an I.P. based version of the remote on off control sockets.

The whole idea is in no way ment to take away from properly looking after or make looking after my reptiles lazier but to allow me to see how my reptiles are doing if I get stuck away from home over a long period of time or if its a particularly cold day I can check in on them if its not possible for me to go home and be able to top up humidity levels if they drop too low.

I was wondering what people thought of the idea or have any tips/input into it or if im just completely insane and going a little OTT :p
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