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Cb14 super dwarf retic.
Purple albino
Tiny little chap at approximately 6 foot
Feeds on rats
Lovely and docile after he realises you're not food.
Had a couple of clutches out of him over the years but I've had no use for him for a little while now.
Feel it would be better for him to go to someone who could use him or as a nice sized manageable pet.
Hes sat in a 50l rub for scale.
One of my dwarf het purple females with a clutch sired by him approximately 2016/2017
(The female pictured is available to be seen as proof its not a random picture from google)

collection from pe13 area
Will also have an adult dwarf (not superdwarf) lavender female advertised soon.

Would consider trades for hognose, tokay geckos or a male phantom retic
EDIT: Also could be tempted by boiga sp, monitors, crocodile skinks (red or muddys)



1 - 4 of 4 Posts