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Welcome, I am going to share a few tips that people should try to follow.

1) Make sure you have enough money to the buy the snake, lizard etc, and dont commit to anything if you dont have the intention in buying the item. It waste's time and is unfair on the seller.

2) Make sure, you ask plenty of questions, for example:

"Amel Corn Snake For Sale"
"Healthy male, looking for £100 o.n.o, a picture of him below"​

In this instance, ask:​
"How much does it weigh?"​

"When did it last eat?"​

"When did it last have a healthy shed"​

Also you may want to ask for more pictures aswell to see what you are buying.​

3) If something seems to good to be true, then dont buy it. Its better to be safe than sorry.​

Hope that this helps.​

*EDIT* I know this is some basic stuff, but you would suprised by how many people dont remember the three rules of thumb
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