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Hey guys. just got me and my partner a horsfield tortoise, and i got a new viv too.

Tilly the tortoise has a new home!

A couple of questions for you proffesionals:

1) I have a viv with a UV Lamp and a heating lamp, now i searched around on tinternet and found a mixed response for the times they should be on. Can anyone give me a guidelines, because a pet shop owner said one thing and a Horsfield owner said another. So can anyone help me at all?

Do they both need to be on all times? Or can the UV go off at night? Or is it the heater that goes off?

2) Will ask when 1st has been answered, dont want to be a burden on my first visit to the forums.

Thanks for your time.

Jake and Natalie

... and Tilly.

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First of all you meed to get your tortoise out of the viv. They are death traps and you will find that whatever heat source you use, you will not be able to create the temperature gradient in this container that a tortoise needs to thermoregulate it's temperature. An enclosure that gives regular heat distribution will slowly kill a tortoise - sometimes quickly, depending on the size of the enclosure. Horsfields are particularly at risk. They need a deep open topped enclosure so they can create a tunnel or burrow into the substrate. In a viv you will find that your tortoise will constantly scratch and try to burrow to get away from he heat. This is extremely stressful and will leave him susceptible to illness. If you have only just bought the viv then take it back for a refund on the grounds that it is not suitable for the purpose it was sold. Pet shops will try to sell these things because they make money from them. If they also sold you a heat mat, tortoise pellets or bark substrate, return these too for the same reason. If you go to the files section in Tortsmad you will be able to see some examples of suitable accomodation for your tortoise to give you an idea what you should be using for your tortoises comfort. Glass sided enclosures are for fish not torts. See here http://www.tortoisetrust/articles/vivarium.html
Hope this helps
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