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Hi all, hope this is the right section for this.

I've been considering trying out making a rack for my mice and rats. Currently I use a mixture of lab cages and homemade "bin cages" on regular shelving. However, I like that with racks, the tubs slide out and you don't have to remove lids, which seems super handy when you have like a billion mice to feed.

Anyway I've looked up a fair few tutorials/videos/etc on making your own rack. Majority are American and use cement mixing trays, which aren't really a thing here that I can find. Some use plastic storage boxes though. I currently use RUBs for my bin cages, but these wouldn't work for a rack as they have no lip to slide onto the "runners". (Well, they do have a slight lip, but other parts stick out so it wouldn't work).

Anyone here have any good ideas/alternatives, or perhaps brands for plastic boxes that are both smooth internally (no ridges) but have a lip that would sit on the runners? Anyone made a rack before and what did you use?

My alternate idea is to do a rack but make a shelf for each tub to sit on instead. Which could work, but I'd still really like to try and find a tub that'll work with the sliders/runners.

Thanks for reading.
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