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two female leopard geckos, named fanta (hatched june 2008) and Cola (hatched july 2008) by the breeders , sarah andpete

very easy to handle, although both can be a bit skittish at times

in recent months, cola has become a bit of a bully to fanta, and has nipped her several times, including injuring the tip of her tail. i will include pictures , but it is healing nicely. fanta was hatched missing a toe from her left talon.
Cola is a very lazy skin shedder, and often leaves it on her toes , and has slightly injured a toe whilst trying toremove it.
Colas is a larger that normal gecko, much bigger and bulkier then fanta.

included with them:
exo terra vivarium measuring 60 x 45 x 45 cm 24" x 18" x 18" (WxDxH), minus polysterene backboard.
habistat heat mat 35 wat 29 x 11 inches ( a little bit nibbled)
habistat thermostat *dial is a little worn*
2 custom made moist hide/hide
1 large piece of bogwood
1 exoterra medium care/hide.
one custom made water dish
one exoterra medium water dish
small metal feed bowl.

i would really encourage investing a little bit of money into a new set up for fanta, othrewise i must insist you keep the geckos boarded up and seperate from each other at all times.

if you would like anymore information on personalitys of the geckos, pictures, or anything that comes to mind, feel free to send me an email!
[email protected]

Pictures soon
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