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3 months ago -
8 year old female bearded dragon vomited mostly broken down squash and greens, then again but just clear liquid, she was acting completely normal otherwise so I monitored her closely.

1 month ago -
she ate some cut up blue berries and regurgitated them a few minutes later
took her to the vet, who suggested sometimes they will regurgitate something that doesn't agree with their tummies, as long as it doesn't keep happening it should be fine.

3 weeks ago -
she was refusing foods, wasn't as interested in water, and really began favouring the cool side
(wants to sleep in the coolest darkest nook during the day)
she was gaping and swallowing quite often (sort of gagging)
and was staring at the ground almost dazed

brought her back to the vet immediately and X-rays showed clear lungs, but a lot of fecal matter built up
given subcutaneous fluids
baytril every 5 days for 5 rounds (march 7th- april1st)***65533; sugar syrup laxative until she had 2 good bowel moments

took in fecal sample the next day, float test discovered pinworms
given fenbendazole(?) for 7 days
had a stinky bowel movement

symptoms still persisting, brought her back to the vet and was advised to give her favourite worms to get her eating and gaining some weight, try to keep her on the warm side and wait it out until the antibiotics were done, then come back in.

9 days ago - I discovered her mouth gaping before her lights had even turned on for the day, so she FOR SURE wasn't letting out heat.

7 days ago -
I heard the tiniest crackling sound while she had her mouth open, and a little bit of crust on the corner of her mouth

6 days ago- we made another vet trip,
X-rays show no impaction or build up
lungs are clear and have way more room since her bowels aren't so full
she has gained a tiny bit of weight
throat looks quite red (swab being tested)

over the past few days she has finished her medicines and has been quite active and hungry but today she was "croaking" really bad, we have yet another vet appointment in the morning, and we are not leaving without answers!!!!

they don't think its an RI, and suggested its more likely that she has coccidia and they are making her gag, but not sick enough to throw up, and the crust on her mouth is from her saliva due to dehydration.
the vet is sending all the results, x rays, and notes to a vet down at your end of the province for a much more experienced second opinion.
once I get another stool sample, they will test that for coccidia
and we will see if anything shows in the throat cultures

in the meantime I thought you guys were my best hope.. maybe you could shed some light, or point me in the right direction. I am feeling so helpless, I have always tried my hardest to give her the best life possible. she is such a sweet little girly and it breaks my heart knowing she is sick, I am constantly checking on her and worried I will loose her ***128542;

symptom summary
not interested in food and water
less active / sleeping on the cool side most of the day
frequent gaping mouth and swallowing especially after eating
tiny crackling noise (only heard yesterday, not today)
crust on corners of mouth
eyes look great but aren't really alert
ex. she doesn't look up when you talk to her

(update all these symptoms has been improving over the last few days but she is now "croaking" ) :help:


she has a 7 foot long tank with tile flooring
3 full spectrum bulbs and a ceramic heater
her basking spot is 110-115 on the hottest days, and her cool side is 75-80
at night time she doesn't get below 65, she gets 15 hours of light and is in a separate room that is protected from cold drafts (and cats LOL) her humidity has never been over 34 %
I used to give her baths quite often but lately I've been scared that it could worsen her possible RI.

she gets a huge variety of veggies and some fruits, usually 3-4 things in a salad and about 10 worms a week (sometimes more or less). I don't feed her crickets or hard shelled insects and I don't feed her late in the day. I have always dripped water from a syringe for her to drink from and she normally loves it but recently I put a dish of water in her tank as well incase she needs more water but she has shown no interest in that. ***65533;***65533;she hates calcium powder and wont eat anything with it so I have always tried to give her the best variety of veggies to compensate for that, we were given the clear for MBD but I picked up a different brand of calcium and have been trying to get her to like it to be on the safe side

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Tricky one. It sounds as if you have her set up correct and you are taking her to a vet but getting nowhere. It does sound like an RI but nothing showed on the x-ray odd. Is the vet a specialist? Maybe another vet would be your best bet.

With regards to bathing only do this if she physically drinks the water and looks dehydrated as bathing really does not benefit them at all.

What UV do you have?

I would be a little concerned about the lack of calcium allthough you say an x-ray showed her bones to be okay. I would try a liquid calcium supplement in her water via the syringe as she wont drink from a bowl.
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