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I came home form work this evening to discover my 3yearold Hermann upside down in his water bowl with his face compleatly submerged in water. I woke him up imedietly, he was very cold(?), he seemed to have troubble breathing at first, but he is breathing normaly now. Somthing very strange I must mention, he was making a sort of "bird" sound. He was constantly open mouthed "sqwarking" and it looks like he's trying to be sick.

The only vets open in my area at this time does not not do reptiles, and any that do are shut.

I am going to take him stright to the reptile vet in the morning, but is there any advice anyone can give me in the meantime? Right now, he seems to be doing better, but I am worried he may get sick. Please, I don't want the poor creature to suffer. Thank you.

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