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Hi guys.

Im a South African member and I seem to be having a problem using the search function - the bar closes on my cellphone as im trying to type in tags.

Im trying to look for info on the care and breeding of satanic leaf tailed geckos. We dont have many breeders and keepers here in S.A so Im trying to gather info from international breeders - to make this shot in the dark a little bit easier.
I have no idea how long their life span is or anything like that. The pair im looking at getting are proven breeders and I know they have been with 2 previous owners in a space of a year and 3 months. Im also not sure if they are captive bred or wild caught but I have a good feeling that they are wild caught/long term captives.

im going to be paying a very high price for these as they are very rare - so I want to make 100% sure that I am making a good decision.

Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated!

-Tyrone H
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